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There is no fee associated with membership in the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB.

You will receive occassional emails with news, offers and information about the fan club. We will not spam you, give out your email address or name and will not make this a burden to see in your inbox. It will be short, sweet and all about Britt's Donuts, the official fan club, the book and other tasty things related to Britt's Donuts. And yes, if you subscribe to the mailing list - you are now a member of the OFFICIAL BRITT'S DONUTS FAN CLUB and are conferred all the rights and privileges apertaining thereto.

Sadly, subscription to the OFFICIAL FAN CLUB mailing list does not come with a certificate.
But you are in luck, certificates can be purchashed for a small fee in the Shop or by using the order button to the right.


Personalized Official
Fan Club Certificate

$5.00 Item# BD011
Letter size (8.5" x 11")

Frame worthy certificate announcing your membership in the Official Britt's Donuts Fan Club. Dated and signed by the President and Guardian Infinitum of the fan club.

(In the notes for the order - please include the exact name of the recipient for the certificate.)

Certificate is not mandatory for Fan Club membership.
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